My Surly

My Surly has been so reliable since I bought it six years ago that I have never needed to fix a puncture, much to the envy of my office mate who often grumbles into work saying he had to fix two punctures on the way to work. Though I love the fact it hasn’t happened to me, it’s also not the best preparation when I’m about to head off across the Nullarbor for six weeks. So a few weeks ago I took myself off to a bike maintenance course at Dismantle ( down at Fremantle, and they were great!  Zoe and Pat shared their knowledge and passion for the bike and were very patient with my very basic questions. I now know a bit more about how the bike works and have been tinkering with its bits over the last little while. Broken spokes though still fill me with dread and I’m yet to figure out how to change them in the middle of nowhere. Must keep that on my to-do list. Here’s the crew on the day, a couple of the guys had recently done a cycle trip around Iceland and Alex on the left is cycling from Perth to Melbourne next month so it was great to swap notes.

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