The Nullarbor team have arrived

Munglinup was the meeting spot, pretty much dead centre between Ravensthorpe (or Ravi as the locals say), and Esperance. Paul and I left our little cabin at the Ravi caravan park this morning (after doing a quick live interview with ABC Albany radio) and had the most blissful ride with full tail winds for the 80k into Munglinup. The winds have been very kind since we left Perth but even we were amazed at how a strong tail wind can make it seem like your legs aren’t even having to work. We cruised up and down the ‘rollers’, with what seemed like a helping hand pushing us to the top of each hill and then gliding down long runs on the other side. On we rolled passing through hills of thick shrub as well as beautiful fields of yellow canola as far as the eye could see.

We were quick to grab a coffee on arrival in Munglinup (we got rather excited about the ‘real’ coffee machine at the roadhouse and were pretty delighted we weren’t disappointed) and sat waiting for Gill and Melissa, who had left Perth this morning to meet us here. We got talking to a lovely Dutch couple who’d been on the road in their camper since May (we even got the full tour) who also happened to be listening to the local ABC radio that morning. They’d heard me being interviewed and were quick to donate in support. It was a lovely moment.

As we waved them on their way, in rolled Gill and Melissa, with their Cycling4Parkinsons t-shirts on and car branding on Red. There was lots of whooping and hugs all round. Up went the tents, out came the red, and we settled in to Gill ‘s delicious dinner of ratatouille and chocolate custard biscuit fondue. Absolutely delicious, especially after a week of pub and roadhouse dinners!

So now we’re all settled into our tents. Onwards to Esperance tomorrow where we’ll have our first rest day the day after. Melissa will then join me on the bike with Gill and Paul support in the car. But that’s two days away. For now, with my new found love of the Kindle, I’m zipping up my sleeping bag and having some time with Little Women. Night xx




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4 comments on “The Nullarbor team have arrived
  1. Gavan says:

    Bit chilly! Go Mel, love your work 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Go Team Nullarbor!! Love Team Springwood xx

  3. Virginia Harper says:

    A great description of a day in the life of cycling4parkinsons. Thinking of you all, Team Nullarbor, Love from Bruce and Virginia

  4. Virginia Harper says:

    A great description of a day in the life of cycling4parkinsons. Love from Bruce and Virginia

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