For those who like stats …

Some moments of the trip so far, broken down …

K’s cycled: 1149
Days: 13
Rest days: 1
Towns: 12 (York, Quairading, Kulin, Lake Grace, Lake King, Ravensthorpe, Munglinup, Esperance, Salmon Gums, Norseman, Fraser Range sheep station, Balladonia)
Longest day: 122 k
Shortest day: 72 k
Toughest day: Esperance to Salmon Gums (brutal day of 110k of strong head and side winds. Baptism of fire for Mel, her first day in the saddle!)
Best shower: Norseman Best Western
Best meal: everything made by our support crew-extraordinaire Gill and Paul (and can I just say here, they have been amazing. Mel and I want for nothing, they feed us breakfast, prepare our lunch roadside, have all the gags, keep us totally entertained, plan afternoon sundowners, and have simply gone above and beyond the call.
Most delirious moment: Well, there’s been a few but most recent was last night when sitting round the big wooden kitchen table at Fraser Range, looking at all the inscriptions everyone had scratched into table. I read ‘AH 4 KT 4 EVA’ in a big love heart, as three people in a love triangle. Mel pointed out EVA was probably not referring to a girls name but more likely ‘ever’. Mmm yes.
Number of Snickers and Picnic bars eaten: lost count
Most competitive moments: Playing UNO. It gets serious.
Highlights: raising awareness for Parkinson’s and receiving generous donations on the road from strangers, many with their own stories of relatives or friends living with it.
Best IGA: Ravensthorpe. Nothing compares.
Road kill: a few, even a camel today.

The trip continues to be amazing. ‘Turning right’ at Norseman was a massive milestone as we are now heading east towards Sydney and approaching the Nullarbor. Now in Balladonia and beer o’clock has just been called from the next room. Must dash.









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