Oh the mighty Nullarbor headwind

We’ve heard about it. We knew it was coming. Our invisible nemesis. The Nullarbor headwind. There’s no escape. Though you can’t see it, it bears down on you like a massive invisible wall. And today, Mel and I were cycling straight into it. All day with no respite. And the heat came today too. Probably the hottest day of the trip so far. It was the first time we used the slipstream, one bike directly behind the other. At first we were swapping positions every ten k, to give the front person a rest, but even this was too much. So we switched more regularly. We took our first afternoon stop somewhere on a straight stretch because Mel’s mascot, a miniature cow called Daisy got blown right off her perch on the back of Mel’s bike. To get going again we had a highway boogy and sing to Its Raining Men. At our second stop we got hysterical. Tears of laughter streamed down our faces as we sat on the side of the highway fuelling on Snickers and snakes. A touch delirious perhaps. Passengers in passing cars seemed to be more animated too which was very welcome. Wild honks of horns, big happy waves, we even had kids from one family throw their arms out the window to wave at us. I think they knew we were doing it tough. It helped.

We’ve just come back from dinner with Gill and Paul. We struggled to sit up and hold a conversation. My eyelids are dropping, Mel’s asleep, and the zzzzz are calling. Up and at it again tomorrow. And over the WA-SA border actually. Another big milestone and something to help keep our legs turning. Here’s hoping for a change in wind direction. Night. Sogni d’oro x




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