Thank you from the Nullarbor

Through the great generosity of so many friends, family and strangers we have so far raised an amazing $16,673. In addition to what you see on the donations page of the website, this includes a $700 donation from overseas friends who donated directly to Parkinson’s NSW.

Donations have come from all over the globe, and range from a dollar received from a truckie we met at the WA-SA border to an anonymous $1000 donation and everything in between. The youngest donor has been three day old Ned, with the help of his lovely great grandma Nell. I am inspired by such generosity of spirit and would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone. It is fantastic that we are so close to our $20,000 target and if we get there, and I really believe we can, I can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

I am also loving reading all your comments, both on the donations page and Facebook. After a long day of cycling, often feeling tired and wondering if my legs will be able to turn the next day, reading people’s words and comments gives me such a boost. They really do inspire me to jump back on the bike and keep pedalling!

Thanks also to my gorgeous nieces and nephews – Zoe, Pippa, Sonny, Jack and Lucas – who made the fabulous signs you’ll see in the pics below. The signs are great, thank you! Can’t wait to see you on the road.

The other pics include people we’ve met and who’ve donated along the way.

Am now horizontal on my bed at the Nullarbor Roadhouse after a beautiful morning at the Head of the Bight watching thirty-odd mother whales with their calves. Quite something.

Will be pushing out again tomorrow across this incredible treeless plain. See you on the road …








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3 comments on “Thank you from the Nullarbor
  1. Linda Elmslie says:

    Hi Lucy, since meeting you and Paul at the Kulin Pub (oh so many miles behind you,) your photos and stories have provided the armchair journey minus the sore muscles. The Alpaca is a bit of a laugh too although I was surprised he wasn’t thrown onto a tin horse and left to find his own way home. Did you know he made derogatory comments about Paul’s ego and wouldn’t pass on my compliments about the photography? Keep pedalling into an awesome experience and congratulations on all that you have achieved so far. Linda

  2. Mim Monkivitch says:

    Hi Luce, Gin has me on the case now! Hope I’m posting in the right place! Wow you are doing a fantastic job – hard to believe one can take on such a mighty trip – but you are obviously doing it with ease. Keep riding well on your Tour de Australia – Cadel eat your heart out.
    I look forward to seeing you soon and hearing more of the fab experience.
    Ride on honey …. xxx

  3. Kim Jameson says:

    Wow, crossing that Nullarbor is a challenge in a car never mind a bike!! Much respect for you and your friend in doing that alone not withstanding the achievements prior to reaching this milestone in your journey. What a life changing experience. Reading each blog with much admiration in seeing you, literally, making a difference. An inspiration to us all….go girl….. xxxx

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